After a bit of hiatus from touring and a lengthy recording process, we're ready to get back on the road after the release of our forthcoming new album! We're in the process of booking right now, so check our live performances tab to see when we're coming to your area and let us know if you'd like us to come your way.

Petal Shop/East Coast 2012

Petal Shop is heading back out to the East Coast in late May through early June! Check out our Live Performances page as we add dates and please hit us up if you want us to come to your town!

Petal Shop's Leaves and Snow Tour 2011

 Check our Live Performances tab to see when Petal Shop's coming to your town!

"The Scope" available 11/11/11

Detroit, MI, 10/27/2011 — Detroit Folk Favorites Petal Shop have just wrapped up production of their third full-length album, “The Scope” slated for release in all major digital outlets and in select stores nationwide November 11, 2011. Drawing from the critical and commercial success of their previous recording, “City Hymns”, the band succeeds at developing even further their trademark songwriting and sound.

        “It's interesting the difference that a year can make”, says Daniel Gellasch, Petal Shop's banjo player and lead vocalist. “After the release of “City Hymns”, we really had the time while touring to become more deliberate about our sound. As the new songs started to take root, we knew that the next album album had to reflect that intentional notion.”

        Calling upon producer and long-time friend of the band Andy Elliott, Petal Shop pours a more energetic but mature energy into “The Scope”.

“It was great to work with someone who was already familiar with our sound – from the earliest days to the present. We were able to take our time and make sure that we got the effect we were going for”, says Petal Shop's fiddle player Ashley Lake.

      In addition to an increased production quality, “The Scope” also delivers thoughtful and sincere lyrics that reflect the band's unique perspective and remind Petal Shop's fans what it was that first drew them in.

Petal Shop is available for interviews and appearances. Contact Eumi Sullivan, Artist Representation at Michigan Records for more information. (

Detroit Folk Darlings

"Folksy Americana with a similarly familial warmth."

". . .With a simple, authentic sound unheard in today’s scene and an original lyrical eloquence, Petal Shop has become the one band in the New Folk Generation that bears the standard of what American Music is all about . . .”

"Petal Shop's second full-length album dodges the sophomore curse with beautiful, catchy tunes and a songcraft that shows again why this young Detroit folk band stands in a class all their own. . ."

"Petal Shop has the perfect easy going bluegrass influenced sound for a summer drive to the springs or a nice lake spot."

  – Nice Media People

Music Video for "What We Do"

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